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What is the Lifecycle?

A lifecycle can often be described as a series of stages your business transitions through during the course of its lifetime. PSW helps clients navigate through each stage or begin working with a new client in whatever stage of the lifecycle they are in. Often, an organization can outgrow their current accounting CPA firm as their business evolves and as they need to address more complex decisions requiring strategic support and direction that their current firm cannot provide.

What Stage Are You In?

The Emerging stage is typically short-lived. Either the organization makes it to the Growth stage or they go out of business. The Growth stage may last for decades. No organization really stops trying to grow, but once a company has expanded to a certain point of growth, they often transcend to the Mature stage. In the Mature stage, they are operating as a stable, profitable company. This stage may continue for a long time, but eventually a business hits a point where they elect to sell or transition to family. How old the owner(s) are and how much time the company needs to prepare for the sale or succession can vary widely.

Goal Setting & Obstacles

We start by understanding your goals and obstacles. If a client is in the Mature stage and in a family run business, the need may be to transfer leadership to the next generation and gift or transfer equity or personal assets to family members.

If the goal is to exit by selling to a third party, the owner may be need to take other steps to get the business ready to sell at the highest price possible. Tax planning is a major step in either scenario. If a client was still in the Growth stage they would have different considerations to address.

We help each client work through their specific stage of the lifecycle they are in and set goals unique to their circumstances.

GAP Management

This is the plan we put in place once we have identified your goals and obstacles. Our team then collaborates with you to implement specific steps and develops a timeline to help narrow the GAP. Our objective is to move progress forward to close the GAP from where you are today to where you want to be in the near future and for your long-term vision.